The Wedding Party


Meet our wedding party!

Those who have agreed to stand with us on the big day




The Bride’s Side



Kimberly – aka Kimmy, aka Amberly – Matron of Honor

Kimmy and I met by chance at cotillion in 4th grade.  She went to Woodridge in Alamo Heights while I went to San Antonio Christian School.  At cotillion, girls had to sit every other chair to make it more inviting for boys to come ask us to dance.  I was quite the hyper child and once Kimmy sat down next to me, I hopped halfway into the chair that divided us and said “Hi!  I’m Amy!” I’m lucky she shared my enthusiasm and hopped onto the remainder of the chair and said “Hi! I’m Kimmy!” We continued to hop back and forth on the chairs (probably chasing away our available 4th grade suitors) while we asked each other questions.  The rest is history!

Alyson – aka Godbaby Mommy – Maid of Mischief

Aly and I met at work but unknowingly had been in the same circle of friends for several years!  Back when Facebook didn’t have privacy settings, I happened to pop up as someone who liked Wicked and had recently posted something about needing a stage manager.  She pinged me on our interoffice chat, asking if I was the same person on Facebook, discovered we knew a ton of the same people, and immediately hit it off.  Almost 10 years later, she is one of my closest friends and gave me the greatest honor by asking me to be Godmother (Godmimi) to her son.

Allison – aka Flatmate – Maid of Magic

Allison and I were in a production of a Christmas show together and bonded over our crazy schedules.  A few months later we were both in Thoroughly Modern Millie.  One night after our show, a bunch of us went to IHOP, where I lamented that my current roommate had JUST told me she was moving out at the end of the summer.  Allison said that her rent was up at the end of the summer and would be happy to move in if I was looking for a roommate.  I said I was, we discussed, and proceeded to be roommates for five years.  We went on some awesome vacations – NYC and London – and made some amazing memories.

Eva – aka Evanthia – Maid of

Eva and I met in choir in high school.  I was a year ahead of her and we hit it off immediately.  Together we made it through high school and then on to college – we both are proud Horned Frogs and were roommates for two years.  She joined my family and I in Colorado a couple of times.  She was never afraid to be goofy with me and most of my college memories involve our antics as roommates.

Helen – aka Hello George! – Maid of

Helen and I met at TCU.  She was a year younger than me and pledged Alpha Delta Pi, my sorority.  I was so excited to have another theatre major with me – there were only a couple of other girls involved in theatre and our wacky and demanding schedule sometimes left me isolated.  We hit it off right away.  She was also not afraid to be a goof with me and we went on a trip to Colorado with another friend and sorority sister where we had the BEST time.  Even though she lives in Houston, when we get together it’s like we were never apart.

Jenn – aka Auntie Jenn – Maid of

Jenn and I met during a production of Oklahoma and became fast friends.  She is one of the most genuinely kind people I have ever met.  Her heart is huge and is nice and wonderful to everyone.  She also loves Ziva the Diva (my pup) and spoils her more than I do!

Avery – aka Niece – Jr Maid of

Avery is my niece and I’ve obviously known her her whole life.  She’s a wonderful young lady with a beautiful, kind heart.  I’m glad she’s part of my life!

Kaiah – aka New Niece – Flower girl

I’m so excited to have Kaiah as part of my family!  I don’t know her very well because she lives in Louisiana, but she is a sweet, smart girl and is going to give people a toothache with her cuteness.


The Groom’s Side



Bryan – Best Man

I met Bryan at the Overtime Theater when I was in a musical that he wrote and directed called “Dr. S Battles the Sex Crazed Reefer Zombies: The Movie: The Musical”, based on a short film he wrote and directed of the same name (minus “The Musical”). Ever since then, we’ve been friends–a friendship that was solidified when we decided to form The SA Blues Brothers, a Blues Brothers tribute band. This man is the Elwood to my Jake–or I should say, the Elwood Jr. to my J “Jailbird” Blues.

Michael – Groomsman

I met Michael during the first theatre work I did here in San Antonio–I stage managed a production of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead, and he was Rosencrantz. We’ve worked together many times since then in different capacities, and have been good friends. He’s the Lancelot to my Prince Herbert.
Christy – Groomslady
I met Christy through Michael when they started dating. Christy needed a place to live shortly after they started dating, it was too soon for her to move in with Michael, and my house had a vacant room, so she moved in with me and my roommates at the time. We’ve been roommates ever since–I moved in with Michael and 2 other people when she did! She’s the yoga mat to my Lotus position.


Pete – Groomsman
I met Pete through the SA Blues Brothers. He is Bryan’s cousin, and plays a mean blues guitar. He and I are big fans of Cajun cookin’, and we frequently have home-cooked Southern-style dinners together at his place. He is the corn bread to my red beans and rice.
Dylan – Groomslady
I met Dylan through the theatre somehow–I’m not sure if it was the first time I worked at the Vexler Theater or before that. Dylan and I have developed a great friendship over the years, and I love her like a sister. She is the pepperoni to my pizza.  
Andrew – Groomsman
I met Andrew at the Vexler Theater when I played Seymour in “Little Shop of Horrors.” He helped backstage and did some puppetry. He is one of the most sarcastic people I know, and it’s glorious. He’s the hand-puppet Audrey II to my dripping, bloody fingers.
Tyler – Jr Groomsman
I met Tyler at the first of Amy’s family gatherings to which I was invited. Tyler is Amy’s nephew, and just got a truck after he got his driver’s license. I don’t know him all that well, but I’m glad to get to know him in the years to come. He is…a teenager and probably wouldn’t want me to say anything sappy about him. 😉